I've always had a love-hate relationship with microblogging. I first approached Twitter in 2011 and kinda, used it on-and-off under various identities until January 2018 at which point I pulled myself away for mental health reasons.

and, you know what? I really miss it.

Not the drama, not the infighting, not the fascists. I don't miss those at all.

I miss the general feeling of proximity and closeness with a group of people I considered my friends: I miss the slightly asynchronous way in which we all managed to keep in touch. I miss the sense of knowing where my friends were at.

So, I've set up a Pleroma instance over at p.cyberdelia.space, to try and recover some of that feeling. I'm @a: come find me from your favourite activitypub-based social service.

Interestingly, this blog is also activitypub capable – Try following @a@ramble.incaseofsunrise.net to see some of these longer-form thoughts on your timeline.

See you in the fediverse!

The soundtrack to this blog post is SomaFM's The Trip Radio, a common late-night indulgence of mine. SomaFM is entirely listener-supported internet radio with no commercials and a fantastic record collection. Go give them your love.