about me

Hey there. I'm a person on the internet. This is my personal blog.

I have a complicated relationship with computers, gender, identity, politics, and many other subjects too numerous to state. This blog is where I attempt to make sense of those relationships and share that journey with you, the reader.

Professionally, I work for a major UK business-to-business ISP. I specialise in physical infrastructure (“poles and ducts”), optical fibre planning, DWDM networking, and GIS.

I have worked for other major UK ISPs, multiple community broadband projects, and previously in the music industry as a sound engineer and live production generalist.

When I'm not making the internet go, I like to make music and take photographs.

a note on pronouns

As mentioned, I have a complicated and reasonably unpleasant relationship with my gender. I go by “they” and “them” on a daily basis, although I don't really mind what you use – I do find “he” a bit jarring to hear in reference to myself, however.

I also tend to use the plural “themselves” in reference to myself: I find it rolls off the tongue more comfortably than “themself”.

If you disagree, I'm not really interested in hearing. I've had many, many people attempt to inform me of their opinions about how I should identify. You will not be telling me anything I haven't heard before, and it won't change my mind.